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A Travel Diary: Annapolis, MD

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Look out Annapolis, I’m back!

This past weekend I hopped on a plane and headed back to the great town of Annapolis, Maryland. A couple of my girlfriends from college live there and my friend Mary Cole and I decided to spend a long weekend with them. This was my third trip to Annapolis and each time I love it just as much as the last, if not more (This trip did ended with a lot less falling lol). The town has a city vibe to it without being overly crowded or populated. Also it sits right on the water, which you cant help but to love. The town overlooks the bay and it is absolutely beautiful at sunset.


When I woke up Friday morning, Grace was already gone for work which I knew she would be so I got ready and waited for Maggie to pick me up for lunch. We ate at the cutest taco bar downtown and then headed to pick Mary Cole up at the airport. She was flying into Baltimore which is a short 25 minute drive from Annapolis. After we grabbed Mary Cole we went shopping, because duh, and just spent the afternoon milling around waiting for Grace to get off of work. Around 5:30 we headed back to Grace’s house to get ready for the evening.

We started our night heading our to dinner with the Rudder fam at a local restaurant near downtown. We ordered drinks and tapas and had a wonderful time. It’s always nice to get to spend time getting to know Grace’s parents better because I don’t get to see them too often. Before we knew it Grace’s mom ordered shots and the night was just beginning. The majority of the night was spent hanging our and just spending time together.  There was drinks, music, and good friends. What more could a girl ask for.

Group of gals getting drinks in Annapolis, MD    Maggie sipping her drink in Annapolis, MD


Saturday we woke up, admittedly , pretty freaking hungover. We nursed our headaches and queasy stomachs with some bagels, water, and Advil and miraculously the world felt shiny and new again. Saturday meant football and we were headed to the Naval Academy game. Grace’s dad was able to sneak us up to the box where he was and we were able to watch the game in the shade (which was wonderful because it was unbearably hot). The goats brought home a victory and we celebrated by going- you guessed it- downtown! ~cheers to the goats~

We got food and bar hopped around constantly being asked if we went to the Naval Academy. Secretly I laughed in their faces because they haven’t seen my transcript. While I’m no where near the worst student ever, I definitely don’t have the kind of discipline that midshipmen have.

Girl watching the Naval Acadamy football game in Annapolis, MD    4 girls at the Naval Academy football game in Annapolis, MD



After two nights of going out Sunday had us pretty beat. We spent the day shopping (~just girly things~), watching movies, and laying around. Later that evening, Grace’s parents picked up some crabs for us to pick for dinner and we had ourselves a little feast. Blue crabs are a popular dish for Annapolitans so it was only right for us to indulge a little. Unfortunately Monday was just around the corner and I would be on a flight heading back to Birmingham. I had the best weekend with my girlfriends and I can’t wait for many more trips.

Blue crabs from Annapolis, MD     sunset on Annapolis Bay

~Until next time, Naptown!

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