sunset on Annapolis Bay

A Travel Diary: Annapolis, MD

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Look out Annapolis, I’m back! This past weekend I hopped on a plane and headed back to the great town of Annapolis, Maryland. A couple of my girlfriends from college live there and my friend Mary Cole and I decided to spend a long weekend with them. This was my third trip to Annapolis and […]

Light Pink Bouquet of Flowers

An Open Letter to my Younger Self

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Listen up, you need to hear this. An open letter to my younger self because growing up is never easy, but loving yourself through it all just may be the saving grace. Here’s my advice. Friendships will be lost and it will break your heart. One of the hardest life lessons you’ll learn is to […]

Plate of Smart Snacks: Healthy ways to beat hunger

Smart Snacks: Healthy Ways to Beat Hunger

Posted on Leave a commentPosted in Editorial Auburn, Ala.—Each person’s taste buds are different, so how you snack may differ from your peers.  Many people have their traditional go-to snack that they grab when they get hungry, but ask yourself if what you are snacking on is the best option for your body. Here are a few guilt-free, smart snacks: healthy ways to beat hunger. It’s always a […]